martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

The Lean Managers must take a critical decision to be Cheerleader or Lean Leader?

There is a big difference between Lean Managers that act like Cheerleaders vs others that take this profession seriously assuming the risks to be a real Lean Leader.

However there is room for both of them, the reason is that some companies (more specific Managers that act like “Bosses” rather than Leaders) encourage them to perform as Cheerleaders rather than Lean Leaders, they have the false sense that Culture Change must be something like “People Placer”, and the reality have showed us, the 100% of human suffer on change transitions, remember to Change a Culture you must change the Behaviors first and this creates discomfort and as consequence confrontations between teams members and the Change Agent or Lean Leader .
Here is a break point; and the Management Commitment for your Cultural Change initiative is tested, the level of commitment will defines the actions to follow, be just a “People Placer” or a real Change Agent.

Here some differences between Cheerleaders vs Lean Leaders.
Lean Leaders
Followers of Bosses directions without hesitate, inquiring or propose new ideas. Looks for Please their Bosses rather than help them.
Followers of company directions, propose new ideas if is needed. Looks to help their mangers even if this may cause a confrontation with them.
Please theirs teams avoiding establish real challenges on metrics and objectives of projects, don’t thrust on Team capacity
Thrust on their teams more that themself, always look for real challenges on metrics and objectives of projects.
Light knowledge on Lean Manufacturing techniques, they just know the surface, don’t understand the know how and the know why of each techniques.
Knowledgeable of Toyota Production System, they understand the know how & the know why of all the Lean Techniques. They have learned based on Trystorming rather than Brainstorming.
They looks just for Muda (waste) reduction and barely use the VSM present and Future, the implementation plan is based on what the Boss want
They have the implementation plan based on VSM current and Future always !!!, and look reduction of 3 M’s Muda (Waste), Mura (Variation , Unevenness) and Muri (Overburdening)
Looks just for the team shows, don’t care on real coaching for continuous improvement, as long as theirs boss is happy they meet with their goals.
Looks for real impact on bottom line, finance & operations, coach the teams to understand and learn about the benefits on Continuous Improvement.

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