viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

3D VSM- Other way to see the waste

The human brain works much better if the problem is easy to see on 3D, the reason is very simple our real world is on the 3 Dimension. Therefore the technique to create the VSM on 3D  (scale model) helps the Kaizen team to understand where the opportunities are and how the flows (Materials-Product, Information, and Process) are interconnected or in contraflow.

This picture shows the 3D- VSM all loops.

The team can visualize loop by loop and even the Supermarket and the Kanban process can be modeling on VSM Future.

Here is the example of loop # 2 , where a supermarket is needed for the future state.

Obviously this method do not avoid the current VSM process creation, that on my experience always recommend the use of  “Post-tips”, and normally this takes all the walls on the meeting room.

The 3D VSM is also used, on Process Development on the previous steps on 3P, before to create the Mockup lines.

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