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Material and Information Flow Mapping (材料と情報フローマッピング ) – Value Stream Map (VSM)

The VSM is one of the most powerful tools at Lean Manufacturing; and everybody should understand and execute with excellence, before creates any Lean Manufacturing Deployment plan.

That’s why, I wrote this article, I hope it be of help for you.

Value Stream Map (VSM)…Short History

       Originated in Toyota referred…to as Material and Information Flow Mapping
        Used by Toyota to show both current and future states (6-9 months in future) as part of the lean deployment process
        Concept Introduced in Lean Thinking
        Further developed by the Lean Enterprise Institute in Learning to See

Value Stream Defined

       Time series of all activities & steps (both value add and non-value add) required to bring a product, service or capability to the customer
       Value Streams cut across functional Boundaries
       GE Focus…3 Main Value Streams
       ITO – Inquiry to Order
       NPI – New Product Introduction
Most Value Streams have 2-5% Value Add Time

What is a Value Stream Map for ?

       Identify how Value Flows to the Customer
        Define Relationships among key Process Points
        Tool to Document the current State Process
        Basis for Developing 6-9 month Future State
        Helps us Understand and Improve big Business Processes…ITO, NPI, OTR 
Tool to Identify Opportunities for Improvement

What do We Get From a VSM ?

       A Common Understanding of the Current State
       Understand ratio of Lead Time (Cycle Time) to Processing Time
       Visualize and understand flow…or lack of it
       Makes Areas of Waste Visible
       Forms the foundation for Lean deployment

Creating a Value Stream Map

Value Stream Map Icons
To ensure standardization, we adhere some the icons examples…a brief description of each Icon will aid you in choosing the correct one.

VSM Icon Use & Nomenclature

VSM by hand first…

Then Digitze Map…

Helpful Hints

       Use Actual, Observed Data
        Begin at Customer & Map in Reverse Flow
        Walk the Entire Process first before Recording  Data
       VSM Should be Created by a Cross Functional team
       Use a Standard Unit of Time
       Think in terms of Relevancy…not Pinpoint Accuracy

Creating a VSM Should Take 6-36 Hours; Depending on Your Value Steam

VSM  Examples

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